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Establishment of check posts and Intelligence based operations by Pakistan resulted in decline in human trafficking cases

Federal Minister for Interior Brig (Retd) Ijaz Ahmed Shah has said that Pakistan has taken effective measures for controlling illegal human trafficking by establishing numerous new check posts by FC and Coast Guards and conducting Intelligence Based Operations against those involved in the heinous crime, resulting in continuous decline in number of cases.  

This was stated by the Federal Minister for Interior during a meeting with Minister for Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Selmo Cikotic here today.

The Federal Minister said that Pakistan is cognizant of the menace of illegal immigrants who also bring bad name to the country. He said that not only the Government is taking effective steps to control illegal human trafficking but also creating economic opportunities in the country to eliminate root cause of the problem. He said that most of the cases of illegal immigration emerge out of a search for better economic opportunities. 

The Federal Minister for Interior emphasized that illegal immigrants in most cases may be treated humanely since their sole objective remains better economic opportunities. He mentioned the Prime Minister of Pakistan special initiative to boost the housing and construction sector in the country which is getting momentum and creating job opportunities. The availability of better economic opportunity will result in the return of the illegal immigrants willingly, he added.

Mr. Selmo Cikotic while expressing his gratitude to the warm welcome accorded to him by Pakistan said that the signing of an agreement between the two countries on illegal immigration will further boost the existing brotherly relations between the two countries. He agreed with the Federal Minister for Interior that such illegal immigrants must be treated humanely since they left their countries mostly in search of better opportunities. 

The Minister for Security of Sonia and Herzegovina said that Pakistan and Bosnia are bought together by circumstance and Islamic bond. The Bosnian people and Government rank Pakistan at the highest place due to the principled stance it had always taken on a number of issues relating to Bosnia. He said that the Bosnian Government is looking forward to learn from the experience of Pakistan in Intelligence, Policing and Border Management since Pakistan has successfully emerged out of challenges on internal and external fronts. 

Federal Minister for Interior Brig (Retd) Ijaz Ahmed Shah assured his Bosnian Counterpart of all kind of cooperation in this regard. He also appreciated the Bosnian Government for Visa Free Entry to Pakistani Diplomatic and Services Passports. 

The Bosnian Minister for Security also invited Federal Minister for Interior Brig (Retd) Ijaz Ahmed Shah for official visit to Sarajevo, which will be worked out by both sides after normalization of the current situation due to second wave of Covid-19.


Federal Minister for Interior, Ijaz Ahmad Shah welcomes the offer of strengthening bilateral ties with Qatar

Islamabad- Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah met with the Ambassador of Qatar H.E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman bin Faisal Al Thani at the Ministry of Interior. On behalf of the Government of Qatar, conveying the message of his Prime Minister, the Ambassador said that we look forward to strengthening bilateral ties and mutual cooperation between the two countries. Federal Minister for Interior, Ijaz Ahmad Shah welcomed the initiative and stated it is always great to have strong mutual cooperation. The Ambassador briefed the Minister about their upcoming projects in Pakistan, primarily targeting the education field and refugee rehabilitation. In response to which the Federal Minister said that it will have a great positive impact on the concerned areas and appreciated such thoughtful projects. Towards the end of the meeting, the Ambassador thanked the Minister for his valuable time. The meeting concluded with the promise that both sides will continue to work together on matters of mutual interests in future.

Steps need to be taken in order to strengthen NACTA as an institution and increase its efficiency- says Ijaz Shah

Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah chaired NACTA's meeting of Board of Governors, Major decisions taken.

"Bring out the best of your abilities from available resources" Federal Minister directed the officials


ISLAMABAD- The Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah chaired NACTA's meeting of Board of Governors. The Minister insisted on strengthening the institution and increase its efficiency as a think tank. 

Major decisions were taken during the meeting with unanimous approval of the present members. The meeting undertook 14 points agenda and the matters were discussed in detail. 


Federal Minister for Interior appreciated the role of NACTA in countering terrorism and its efforts pertaining to counter terror financing. "This role is significant in context of FATF measures undertaken by the country" said the Minister.  

From the financial and administrative proposals submitted by National Coordinator NACTA, Mr. Khalid Dad Lak were discussed in detail. The Federal Minister and Board members approved the utility of budget as approved by the finance division. Furthermore, the Minister emphasized upon the transparent record keeping of finances and expenditure. "You must ensure that the record is well kept, process is transparent and audits are done in time" the Federal Minister directed. 

Approval of BPS Scale was also given by the Board members for NACTA along with the medical benefits in accordance to the rules and regulations as defined by Finance Division. 

Furthermore, operationalization of available vehicles for the official utilities was also approved.

A committee was formed to review the proposal of sanction seats in NACTA.

"I hope that NACTA will continue to serve with best of its abilities to serve the country in best of its interest" Ijaz Shah said. 


The meeting was attended by Senator Hidayat Ullah, Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad, MNA Jamil Ahmad Khan, Federal Secretaries of Interior, Defence, Law & Justice and Finance Division, Director Generals of Federal Agencies, all Provincial Home Secretaries and all Inspector Generals of Police.

Ambassador of European Union H.E Androulla Kaminara to provide aid of worth 150 Million Euros to combat COVID-19 in Pakistan

Islamabad- The Federal Minister for Interior Brig(R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah met with the Ambassador of European Union H.E. Androulla Kaminara along with Ambassador of Netherlands H.E. Wouter Plomp and Czech Republic's Ambassador H.E. Tomas Smentanka at the Ministry of Interior earlier today. Matters of mutual interest were brought under discussion, on exchanging views about the pandemic, the European Union Ambassador offered aid of worth 150 Million Euros to assist Pakistan in combating this novel Corona virus. We would like to provide relief to the ones who are suffering in this hard time, she said. The Federal Minister for Interior welcomed the offer and said it will be of great significance for masses who are unable to sustain living during this crisis situation. In response to the point raised about expediting the process, the Federal Minister responded that the government has already issued instructions to facilitate the execution of relief projects. Ministry of Interior had issued orders earlier saying that the requirement of NOC wasn't mandatory and organizations could work in direct assistance with NDMA and PDMA countrywide. The Ambassador welcomed the systematic way of providing relief to the public. We would like to facilitate and support on local levels and this system can help us reach the deserving, she added.

While discussing other matters, the Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah said that the government is trying its best to achieve a balance between health and economic needs of people. Our departments have been trying to perform to best of their abilities, the Minister said. Our overall performance has been quite satisfactory in majority of the areas, however, there is always room for improvement and we keep striving for the best. The Minister said. "We want best for our people and we will keep working for it" he added. The meeting concluded with the Ambassador thanking for cooperation over previous projects with the Ministry of Interior that were successfully completed bearing fruitful results and with a hope that relief projects can be executed soon.


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