FAQs 3D Printers

1 Which documents required for grant of NOC for 3-D printers
  • Application and filled form is required to be submitted in the name of JS security, Ministry of Interior with following documents
    • Copy of CNIC (attested)
    • valid National Tax Number certificate
    • Detail of technical literature and specification of 3-D Printer (i.e, Make, Model, Product Code and Serial Number, etc), specifying therein the type of material used (metallic, plastic, etc) for printing.
    • In case of Company, Registration Certificate with SECP and consignee details (i.e. copy of CNIC, Business address, company profile and details of CEO / Members Board of Directors).
    • Justification for import of 3-D Printer.
    • Purpose of use of the printer and detail of the products to be printed / produced using 3-D Printer.
    • The port of entry / import of 3-D Printer to be specified.
    • In case of post import request for NOC, copy of Airway Bill, Bill of Lading, BoQ and Invoice etc. shall be provided.
    • Declaration on legal stamp paper worth Rs.100/-
  • Scrutiny of documents
  • Approval By Ministry of Interior after security clearance
2 Who can use 3-D printers (end User)
  • The individual or company/firm/vendor that actually use 3D Printer(s), instead of original importer/purchaser, will be termed as ‘End User’.
  • Any individual, company, firm, organization etc. that purchases or acquires a 3D Printer from an End User, shall also be deemed to be an End User and will be required to obtain NOC from MOI.
  • The original importer will have to maintain a record of all the printers imported, which can only be sold to a person holding valid NOC of the MOI.
  • The original importer will have to submit annual report to MOI regarding sale to the End Users.
3 Any Restriction regarding 3-D printer
  • Import of 3D Printers like Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and others, which are used for making metal printing, weapons, credit cards, CNICs, knives and other harmful objects etc. by individuals, companies, firms, organizations, educational institutions etc. is restricted. Government departments to get requisite NOC from MOI in this connection
4 Can parts of 3-D printer be imported
  • Those who have NOC for import of 3-D printers shall be also allowed the import of spare parts of the same 3-D printer, for which NOC has been granted, within the validity of the NOC


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