Private Security Companies

  1. Private Security Companies have been operating in the country under an administrative order issued by the Ministry of Interior in 1988.
  2. The Private Security Companies Ordinance of ICT has been issued by the Federal Government. Necessary rules for the Companies functioning in Islamabad Capital Territory are being framed by the Federal Government. The Private Security Companies shall function in the Provinces under Provincial Ordinance / rules being framed in the light of the Ordinance issued by the Federal Government.
  3. Private Security Companies are required to register themselves with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Ordinance, 1984.
  4. Individuals / group of individuals who intend to establish a private security company may approach the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan at Islamabad / Provincial Capitals. The SECP will register the company after meeting the formalities.
  5. Seven complete sets of documents are sent by the SECP to Ministry of Interior for NOC. The process of issuance of NOC by Ministry of Interior normally takes three to four months. A fee of Rs. 10,000 is required to be paid in the bank in the Head of Account Major Head-1300000-Miscellaneous Receipts, Minor Head-1390000-Other Receipts (NES). Detailed Head-1391200-Other Receipts-Fees Fines & forfeitures. Sub-Detailed Head (New)-1391213-other Receipt-Registration fees for Private Security Companies .
  6. For operation in the Provinces / Islamabad Capital Territory the Company is required to approach the concerned Home Secretary / Chief Commissioner, Islamabad for grant of license for operation in the respective jurisdiction. Provincial Governments / ICT will charge Rs. 25,000/- for the issuance of license for operation in the Province / ICT and renewal fee of Rs. 5000/- per annum.
  7. The affairs of the Private Security Companies will be regulated as per Ordinance and rules framed by the Provinces / ICT.
  8. Federal Government is prescribing a standard uniform for the guards of Private Security Companies which may not resemble with the uniforms of Pakistan Armed Forces and other Law enforcement agencies.
  9. The guards of Private Security Companies are required to be properly trained and equipped. Weapons cannot be displayed by these guards outside the premises being guarded by them. (For more information please contact 051-9201025, Fax No. 051-9206403).
  10. Training Institutions are being established in the country for the training of Security Guards.


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