Oman's envoy meets Shehryar Afridi

ISLAMABAD, Sep 27 (APP):Ambassador of Oman to Pakistan, Sheikh Mohammed Al Marhoon Thursday called 

on Minister of State for Interior, Shehryar Khan Afridi and discussed matters of mutual interests.

Talking to the ambassador, the minister said Pakistan greatly values its brotherly ties with Oman.

He said the relations between Pakistan and Oman are based on historical, cultural and religion.

The minister said Oman is gateway for Pakistan to enter Gulf region while Pakistan is gateway to Oman to get 

better access to Asia.

The ambassador of Oman said Pakistan is our brotherly country and Oman has very special relations 

with Pakistan and added  Pakistanis living in Oman are playing an important role.


33,000 kanal `encroached land' worth Rs. 300 bln retrieved in Capital: Afridi

ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP):Minister of State for Interior, Shehryar Khan Afridi Wednesday said

that over 33,000 kanal of `encroached land' worth more than Rs. 300 billion has been retrieved so far during on-going anti-encroachment campaign in Federal Capital.

Addressing a press conference here, he said for the first time, action is being taken against powerful and influential people,

grabbing the state land illegally. The land was situated within Kurri and Rehara Mauzas.

Expressing his resolve to continue anti encroachment drive in Islamabad across the board, the Minister said action has also been

taken against illegal 45-50 shopping and commercial plazas, buildings and marriage halls established on state land in G-12 while a plot occupied

by administration of Centaurus Mall for temporary office illegally is also dismantled.

Shehryar Afridi said that the drive against encroachments in Islamabad is continuing across the board,

adding that those officials who facilitated in occupying the land illegally would be taken to task.

He said state land valuing trillions of rupees was encroached upon or illegally occupied in Federal Capital which

would be retrieved.

The common and poor people will not be dislodged from their places, he added.

Shehryar Afridi also assured steps for resolving longstanding issues and said some people in past behaved as if they 

were above the law  adding "but now everyone is being treated equally under the law."

Answering a question, he said action is being taken after complete homework following all legal formalities. Afridi assured

that the identity of Islamabad Capital Territory would be restored in its true spirit.

The Minister mentioned that through this anti-encroachment drive, a message has been conveyed to influentials that there is a

rule of law and this is a new Pakistan where no one would be allowed to illegally grab state land.

When asked, Afridi said, he has been reporting to Prime Minister Imran Khan frequently, who is monitoring the operation.

The Minister appreciated the Chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad Capital Territory

Administration (ICT) and other relevant departments for their role in the drive, saying "We are working as a team to achieve the task."

Replying to another question, he assured that those who are living in slums (Katchi Abadis) would be facilitated and their

rights would be protected under the law.

He also assured of taking forward the concept of Model Village in Capital.

The Minister lauded role of media and sought their cooperation in pointing out the issues.

Message from the Minister of State for Interior Mr Shehryar Khan Afridi on the occasion of Ashura

Ashura is an occasion for paying respect to the martyrs of Karbala, observed all over the world with solidarity. On this occasion it is very important to remember the sacrifices made to uphold the name of Islam that serve as an example for all humanity. 

This year on the special instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a complete security plan has been formulated by the Ministry of Interior to ensure safety of processions and general public. The Ministry will ensure complete support of the federal government and all state institutions to ensure law and order in the land.

The Prime Minister wishes to emphasise on the collective responsibility of all federal and provincial institutions to ensure safety of every citizen of Pakistan. We must also remember that it is also the responsibility of all citizens of Pakistan to support the security forces in ensuring successful execution of their duties.

All agencies responsible for assuring national security need support from the citizens to respect all communities, religions, castes, creed and colour. Citizens and institutions need to work together as one force to defeat all anti-state elements with nefarious designs against the State of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad

Govt to protect country's interest at any cost, GB Govt to be extended full support: Afridi

GILGIT Sep 19 (APP):Minister of State for Interior,Shahryar Khan Afridi here Wednesday said government would protect interest of the country at any cost come what may.

Addressing a high-level meeting in connection with Moharramul Haram security arrangements

here on Wednesday, he said the era of 'Do More' has gone rather its period of 'No More'.

He made it clear that we will not hand over our rights and security for our personal gains to

the aliens as the previous regimes used to do so.

"We are the citizens of this country which has been bestowed with God gifted natural resources

in abundance," he said, adding our main focus is strengthening of the federal units and economic empowerment of people and assured that the government which was in GB would be given full respect and honour as given to others federating units.

"I came here to listen problems of people of this beautiful province and not to dictate any things to GB Government."

"Our government was focusing on development and progress of hitherto neglected areas like GB and will make every endeavour to provide all basic amenities of life to people of this province at their doorsteps."

Unfortunately, he said the previous successive governments had ignored the remote and backward areas of the country.

Earlier, the minister was given detailed briefing on the security arrangements made for peaceful observance of Ashura Moharram. He assured full support of the federal government to GB in the

maintenance of public order.

Meanwhile, the interior minister for state visited Imamia Masjid and Central Mosque Gilgit and met the people of the occasion.

The meeting was attended by Law Minister GB Aurangzaib Advocate, Chief Secretary, IGP, DG Rangers, DG GB scouts and representatives of other security agencies.

Later, in a brief chat with media men, Afridi said the government was taking steps to remove sense of deprivation of the people of GB.

To a question he said, all stakeholders were on same page viz a viz national security. He held categorical assurance that Federal Govt would continue support to the GB govt which has

been elected through democratic process.

He said protection to life and properties was the sole responsibilities of the government and no comprise would be made in this regard. "All are equal before us whether they are in majority or in

minority in Pakistan," the minister concluded.


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