Steps need to be taken in order to strengthen NACTA as an institution and increase its efficiency- says Ijaz Shah

Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah chaired NACTA's meeting of Board of Governors, Major decisions taken.

"Bring out the best of your abilities from available resources" Federal Minister directed the officials


ISLAMABAD- The Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah chaired NACTA's meeting of Board of Governors. The Minister insisted on strengthening the institution and increase its efficiency as a think tank. 

Major decisions were taken during the meeting with unanimous approval of the present members. The meeting undertook 14 points agenda and the matters were discussed in detail. 


Federal Minister for Interior appreciated the role of NACTA in countering terrorism and its efforts pertaining to counter terror financing. "This role is significant in context of FATF measures undertaken by the country" said the Minister.  

From the financial and administrative proposals submitted by National Coordinator NACTA, Mr. Khalid Dad Lak were discussed in detail. The Federal Minister and Board members approved the utility of budget as approved by the finance division. Furthermore, the Minister emphasized upon the transparent record keeping of finances and expenditure. "You must ensure that the record is well kept, process is transparent and audits are done in time" the Federal Minister directed. 

Approval of BPS Scale was also given by the Board members for NACTA along with the medical benefits in accordance to the rules and regulations as defined by Finance Division. 

Furthermore, operationalization of available vehicles for the official utilities was also approved.

A committee was formed to review the proposal of sanction seats in NACTA.

"I hope that NACTA will continue to serve with best of its abilities to serve the country in best of its interest" Ijaz Shah said. 


The meeting was attended by Senator Hidayat Ullah, Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad, MNA Jamil Ahmad Khan, Federal Secretaries of Interior, Defence, Law & Justice and Finance Division, Director Generals of Federal Agencies, all Provincial Home Secretaries and all Inspector Generals of Police.