Law enforcers to be sensitized about rights of children

ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (APP):Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi Tuesday said that strict action would be taken against those putting the future of  next generation at risk and law enforcers would be sensitized about the rights of the children. 

He stated this while addressing the launching ceremony of child rights training program organized for policemen by National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) in collaboration with Islamabad Capital Territory Police. 

Primarily the main focus of the training is to enhance capacity building of Islamabad Police while dealing child rights at police stations in the Capital.

The training program is also aimed to create awareness and sensitize the police department for respect and protection of children rights. 

The State Minister said that force of youth would have to be set up in educational institutions for success in fifth generation warfare. 

He particularly focused on empowering the youth in order to bring them on the fore front to counter social evils.

"Some elements are trying to destroy our generation through involving them in use of narcotics but such mafia will have to face strict action," he added. 

He appealed the parents of the children not to give them such devices which are harmful to them and to check their activities on daily basis.

The minister said that a huge number of students are becoming drug addicts but we would fight against drug mafia to secure the future of our generation.

He ordered IGP to launch crackdown in educational institutions from where reports of drug use by students are received and take strict action against drug mafia.

Hinting towards land mafia in the city, he said that 6-7 persons have created an atmosphere of fear among the innocent citizens but strict action is underway against them.

Such people would be made a symbol and not to be spared, he added.

He was of the view that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has concurred to the demand of IGP Islamabad in making this Police as a role model for the whole country.

He further maintained that the government is fully backing the drive of the IGP Islamabad against drug mafia, land mafia, criminals and liquor mafia as a whole.

He said that the writ of the State would be established with iron hand by eliminating all these criminals once and for all and supremacy of law shall prevail throughout the country on equal basis.

He further maintained that vulnerable groups like children shall be equally respected and bonded labor will not be tolerated in our society.

He elaborated that the ongoing campaign against drug barons, land grabbing mafia and hardcore criminals shall continue till meeting its logical end.

He appreciated Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr.Shireen M. Mazari in particular and the NCHR in general.

He emphasized that there will be zero tolerance to the black sheep involved in mal-practices in all segments of societies.

IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan had assured the minister for Interior that ICT Police shall go all out in materializing the vision of the current government.

The IGP Islamabad also touched upon the role of police in respecting human rights and called upon all officials to deal all human beings with sheer respect, dignity and honor.

After the implementation on the vision of respect for others by police, trust of the people will be restored and people in return would love Islamabad Police. 

Indeed police is paid on people's taxes hence duty bound to maintain and perform this sacred profession. 

In the end, the chairman NCHR Ali Nawaz Chohan expressed highest gratitude and reposed confidence on the leadership of IGP Islamabad. 

He said that ICT Police under the current IGP shall flourish in a manner, where on human rights shall be respected and criminals shall be on the run. He was of the view that the exemplary measures under taken by ICT Police shall become a regular feature. 

About torture on cameraman in the premises of Parliament House, the State Minister for Interior said that action would be taken against those involved in this act as per law. He directed IGP Islamabad to ensure arrest of the persons wanted in it and submit report with him on immediate basis. 

Irrespective of the status of the people, he said that the incumbent government would ensure implementation of law without any discrimination.