Resolving differences crucial to ensure global peace, prosperity says Afridi

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP):State Minister for Interior, Shehryar Khan Afridi on Tuesday urged the international community to shun their 

differences and play a collective role to ensure global peace and prosperity. 

“We are living in very potential region which is full of natural energy resources. Over half of the population of the world is living 

in this region which includes countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The economic integration among these 

countries can become crucial in power game in the world,” he said while addressing at the concluding ceremony of international 

conference on “Global Peace Amidst War and Conflict organized by Centre For Peace, Security and Developmental Studies (CPSD) here at a hotel.

He said that countries in our neighboring region should play responsible role for maintaining peace and to protect future of our 

generations by ensuring economic development and prosperity. 

“It’s high time, we need to start thinking about shared prosperity and common goals and get united like other region of the world,” he maintained. 

He said that India is our neighboring country and both of us should think about the importance of neighborhood for mutual benefits and prosperity. 

He stressed the global community to think about the future of children and protect their lives from common threats. “The global 

community should work to protect every child without any discrimination”, he added. 

Being a native of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he told the participants about the terrorism threats being faced by the people of the area. 

“We need to sit for protecting human lives in this globe. 

International community should sit to maintain peace and protect the youngsters who are involved in suicide bombing,” he added. 

The minister urged responsible attitude from each country and to remove mis-perception as well as misunderstandings, if they existed 

between any of the country with other. He said that peace in the world must be the top priority and added 

Pakistan had given great sacrifices for that purpose. The incumbent government, he said, was committed for global peace and to bridge the 

gaps for common goals of shared prosperity as well as peace in the world. 

The minister said, "We must know the importance of humanity and to show our commitment to resolve the conflicts all over the world for 

common welfare.” 

The minister invited the international community to join the hands and be united for common goals of sustainable development and prosperity.

He said that the entire global community must think for the common people and those who are living below the poverty line. 

He hoped that Pakistan would emerge as an important country, which would have the significant role in affairs of the world.